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The Australian Children's Choir

Senior Performing Choir

Andrew Wailes (Artistic Director and Conductor)
Amir Farid (Principal Accompanist)
The Australian Children’s Choir is the senior performing ensemble of the organisation, and has developed an international reputation as one of the nation’s outstanding mixed-voice treble choirs. The choir is well known for its refined performances, the quality of its varied repertoire and the production of fine young musicians, many of whom have gone on to pursue successful musical careers.

The ACC’s Senior Choir is made up of approximately fifty boys and girls aged 11-19 who demonstrate advanced musical ability, excellent concentration and personal organisation skills and a commitment to excellence. The choir rehearses on Thursday evenings 7pm to 9pm, and also on Saturday afternoons 2pm to 4.30pm throughout the school year.

Tours and Performances

Regional tours are held once or twice a year, and in previous years the choir has toured internationally every few years, to destinations including New Zealand, Wales, China, the USA and most recently to England, Germany and Austria.

The choir also regularly performs music for Television, Film, and commercial recordings, and appears from time to time with celebrated local and international artists as well as with professional adult ensembles such as the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra and the Victoria Police Showband.

Members of the Australian Children’s Choir gain many outstanding social and musical experiences, and regularly perform in the finest venues from:

  • the Melbourne Recital Centre,
  • Hamer Hall,
  • BMW Edge
  • St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne,
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Angel Place Recital Hall in Sydney,

At major international venues such as

  • Canterbury Cathedral,
  • Salzburg Cathedral
  • Southwark Cathedral in London.

Musical development

In return for a dedication and commitment to excellence, the members of The ACC’s senior choir receive an excellent musical and cultural education under the guidance of some of the nation’s leading musical educators, and many wonderful musical and social experiences, which allows them to take on the role of cultural ambassadors for both the ACC and their country.

Individual attention is given to each singer as his or her voice develops, and children are regularly voice tested to ensure that they are developing to their fullest potential.

Senior Choristers must demonstrate advanced vocal techniques, fluency in sight-reading and an ability to sing harmony parts. Senior Choristers master a rigorous program of challenging music ranging from contemporary works written especially for them by Australian composers, to masterpieces by the great composers like Bach and Mozart, Mendlessohn, Debussy or Britten, and contemporary composers from around the world.

Members of The Australian Children’s Choir perform two, three and four-part treble repertoire, and also combine with adult ensembles to perform SATB advanced repertoire, sometimes accompanied by professional orchestras.

Repertoire performed includes a significant amount of music especially commissioned for the choir by leading Australian composers. Singers continue to develop and learn music theory, advanced aural training and hone their performance skills under the supervision of one of Australia’s leading choral experts.